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     To add (enroll in) courses: Log on to InSite Portal,
     enter Webadvisor, select your preferred class sections,
     and then load them to your schedule. If you are
     increasing the total number of units for a course in which
     you are already enrolled, you must pay for the additional units.
     1. If the prerequisite was completed at CCC and a
         passing grade received, the course may be added as
         usual online.
     2. If the prerequisite for the course was completed at another
         college or university, official transcripts must be submitted
         to Contra Costa College. Also the Prerequisite Verification/Challenge
         must be completed and submitted.
     3. If you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite and have
         not yet received a grade, you must add the class at the
         Admissions & Records front counter in SSC-115. For more
         information, please see Prerequisites & Co-Requisites.
     You may add courses after instruction for the term
     has begun if certain conditions are met:
     1. You may add only until the end of the late add
          period (refer to the Academic Calendar for deadlines for
          semester-long classes. Obtain this date from your instructor
          if the class is not semester-long);
     2. You have the signed approval of the instructor;
     3. You request and obtain a late code from the instructor;
     4. You use Webadvisor to register
          for the course and pay your fees.
       As of Spring 2011, enrollment in two courses whose meeting
       times overlap is not allowed. The only exception is for courses
       in which there is only a conflict on one day, such as at a
       mandatory face-to-face orientation for an online class or for
       a weekend field trip. Enrollment in such circumstances must
       be done at the Admissions & Records counter.
     Students should be aware that classes may be cancelled if
     a minimum number of students have not already enrolled in
     the class before instruction begins for the term.  
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