Do I need to complete assessment tests and an orientation before I register for PACE classes?


Assessment tests in math and reading/writing are not required but are recommended if you are uncertain about your math and English skills or have been out of school for a while. Each assessment is computerized and can be taken in the College’s Assessment Center, located in the Student Services Center (SSC), room 104. The results of the assessment will be used by a counselor at CCC to help place you in the appropriate math and English courses to start. To contact the Assessment Center for hours of operation and other information, call (510) 235-7800 x4301, or go back to the PACE homepage and use the “Student Services” pull-down menu and select “Assessment.” It is also a good idea to complete the online college orientation, which will give you an overview of CCC’s academic policies, programs, classes, and support services.  This orientation can be accessed online using the same pull-down menu.

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