How do I register for PACE classes?


Contra Costa College uses an online registration system, called WebAdvisor, to permit students to register themselves into the courses of their choice.  First, you will want to review the PACE schedule of classes for the semester in which you are interested in enrolling and choose your classes.  This schedule is posted as a link on the PACE homepage in the left-hand column, below the frequently asked questions.   Each course has a four-digit section number that you will need to use to register for that particular course.  You will also need your student ID and password to register for classes.  If you don’t already have a student ID and password, go to the “How do I get started in PACE?” FAQ.  Once you have planned a schedule of classes for yourself, you can access WebAdvisor to register for those classes by going to the “Apply & Register” pull-down menu at the top of the PACE homepage and selecting “Register for Classes.”

To go back to the PACE homepage, click the back button on your browser.