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1. What is required of AGS members?
AGS (our local chapter and the state organization) emphasizes both scholarship and service. To be an AGS member you must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. To be eligible for scholarships and special recognition at graduation (i.e., wearing the Gold Stole, see below) AGS members must complete at least 10 hours of volunteer service per semester. (Forms for volunteer hours are available outside SSC-108 or on-line.) Once you have completed your volunteer hours you are considered an “Active” member. Those who have been “Active” for a minimum of 2 semesters are eligible to wear the Gold Stole.

Unless it is absolutely impossible for you, we require that at least 2 of your volunteer hours be donated to our club activities.

If you need something to do to earn volunteer hours, we always need help with club activities.

2. How often do I have to turn in an application?
To maintain membership, you must submit an application each semester, even if you paid dues for 2 semesters.

3. I’m graduating this spring, what do I need to do to wear the Gold Stole?
First you must let the AGS advisors know you are graduating so we can order the stole for you. Do this by March 1. The bookstore will not take your order directly. The cost is approximately $30-$35. Second, you must have been an “Active” member for two (2) semesters. See the discussion about Active membership in the response to Question 1.

4. When are the meetings?
There are 2 meetings a month, one in the evening for those who work during the day and one in the day. You may come to both if you wish. Sometimes the material covered will be the same, but not always. Look for announcements about meeting on our web site or by e-mail. 

5. How do I get information about AGS activities, meetings, scholarships, opportunities for volunteer work on campus, etc.?
Announcements are made periodically throughout the semester by e-mail. Please make sure we have a current and accurate e-mail address for you. (Sometimes it is very hard to read your handwriting or to distinguish between a 0 (number) and an O (letter) or 1 (number) and an l (letter) among other difficulties.) We will also try to keep up-to-date announcements posted on this web site. Announcements are also posted on the AGS bulletin board in the library across from Room 3. It is up to you to keep informed. Please check these for past announcements that may be important to you. (If you wish to get announcements sent to you in the mail you may provide us with some self-addressed stamped envelopes.)

6. Why does AGS require dues?
Our local chapter is part of the state-wide AGS Honor Society for students at the Community College level. As such, we must maintain our “member in good standing” status in reference to our state obligations. Each year the state organization sponsors two conferences a year where AGS members from all over the state can meet. The state-wide organization also offers many scholarships for which our students can compete. One of our responsibilities to the state is to pay $5 per member per semester. Of the dues you paid this leaves $9 or $10 per member per semester to fund local activities, award local scholarships and cover the costs of club administration. Many years ago, AGS members voted to set aside $1 out of the dues to endow a scholarship fund. Over the years, we have saved approximately $10,000. Our goal is to reach $50,000. The interest from this endowment will then be used to award special AGS scholarships to Contra Costa College students.



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