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Acid rain
  SEE ALSO Pollution
Adoption (interracial, unmarried persons, gays)

Adoption; Gay parents; Interracial adoption

AIDS AIDS (Disease); AIDS (Disease) in children

AIDS (Disease); Pediatric AIDS (Disease)

Alzheimer's disease Alzheimer's disease Alzheimer's disease
Animal rights Animal experimentation; Animal rights

Animal experimentation; Animal rights

Anorexia and Bulimia SEE Eating disorders
Athletes and drugs Doping in Sports Drugs and Athletes
Banking Bailout (2008) Bailout
Battered women
  SEE ALSO Wife Abuse
Abused women Conjugal abuse
Birth control Birth control; Contraception

Birth control; Contraception

Black Reparations Movement Reparations; Slavery--Law and legislation


Body language Body language; Gesture; Nonverbal communication Nonverbal communication
Bullying Bullying Bullying; Cyberbullying
Business ethics Business ethics; Corporations - Corrupt practices Business ethics; Business enterprises, Corrupt practices
Capital punishment (Death Penalty) Capital punishment; Death row Capital punishment
Cancer Cancer--Prevention
SEE ALSO types of cancer, such as Breast--Cancer
Neoplasms--Prevention and Control; Cancer Treatment
  SEE ALSO Freedom of the Press
Censorship; Prohibited books Censorship; USA Patriot Act 2001-US AND Civil liberties; Filtering software; Banned books

Child abuse                             SEE ALSO Domestic violence

Abused children; Child abuse Child abuse
Child custody/support Custody of children Child custody
Children of alcoholics Children of alcoholics;
Alcoholics--Family relationships
Children of alcoholics
  SEE ALSO Genetic Engineering
Cloning Cloning
Computer crime
  SEE ALSO Credit Card fraud; Identity theft; Internet - security
Computer crimes; Computer hackers; Computer viruses; Cybercrime; Computer crime; Credit card fraud
SEE ALSO Energy Conservation; Recycling; Wildlife Conservation
Conservation of natural resources;
Environmental protection
Conservation of natural resources; Environmentalism
Corporal punishment Corporal punishment Corporal punishment
Creationism vs. Evolution Creationism; Evolution; Human evolution Creationism
Credit card debt Credit cards; Consumer credit Credit cards AND debt
Criminal justice system Criminal justice, Administration of Criminal justice
Cults Cults Religion--cults
Darfur (Sudan) Genocide Sudan--Genocide--Darfur; Sudan--History--Darfur Conflict, 2003- Darfur/Sudan
Date rape Acquaintance rape; Date rape drugs; Rape Acquaintance rape; Date rape
Death and dying -- death with dignity, assisted suicide Assisted suicide; Death; Euthanasia; Medical ethics; Right-to-die; Assisted suicideEuthanasia
Dieting Food habits; Reducing diets; Weight loss Fad diets; Diet therapy
Divorce Divorce Divorce
Domestic partners Gay couples; Unmarried couples Domestic partners
Domestic violence
  SEE ALSO Child AbuseWife Abuse
Marital violence; Family violence Domestic violence
Drug abuse Drug abuse; Medication abuse;
Drug addiction
Substance use disorders; substance abuse; Drug abuse
Drunk driving Drinking and traffic accidents;
Drunk driving
Drunk driving; Driving while intoxicated
Eating disorders Anorexia nervosa; Bulimia;
Compulsive eating; Eating disorders
Eating disorders; Bulimia nervosa; Eating disordersAnorexia
Education reform Educational change; No Child Left Behind Act of 2001--United States; Educational innovations Educational reform; Educational tests & measurement; Merit pay for teachers
Endangered species Endangered species; Wildlife conservation Endangered species; Endangered species, Timeline
Energy conservation Energy conservation; Energy consumption; Energy policy Energy dependency
Environment -- protection, resource use, etc. Conservation of natural resources;
Environmental protection;
Nature conservation
Ethnic cleansing Genocide; Forced migration; Population transfers Ethnic cleansing; Forced migration
European Union - politics, economics, etc. European Union; European Union countries--Economic policy European Union
Evolution vs. Creationism SEE Creationism vs. Evolution
Family -- changes, stresses Family; Domestic relations;
Single parent family; Stepfamilies
Fetal tissue research and/or transplants Fetal tissues Fetal tissue research
Food -- additives, poisoning, preservation; GMOs Food additives; Food poisoning;
Food preservation; Genetically modified foods

Food additives; Food poisoning; Genetically modified foods

Forests -- logging, rain forests, preservation Deforestation; Forests and forestry; Logging; Rain forests Deforestation; Logging
Free speech Freedom of speech Freedom of Speech
Freedom of the press Freedom of the press Freedom of the press
Gambling Gambling Gambling
Gangs Gangs Gangs
Garbage/waste disposal
  SEE ALSO Hazardous WasteRecycling
Refuse and refuse disposal
Refuse and refuse disposal
Gays, Lesbians Gay rights; Gays; Lesbians Homosexuality; Same-sex marriage

Genetic engineering         

Cloning; Gene therapy;
Genetic engineering
Cloning, Moral and ethical aspects
Government regulation of businesses Deregulation;
Industrial laws and legislation
Green Movement Green Movement; Sustainable Living Local Food Movement
Greenhouse effect Greenhouse effect, Atmospheric;
Global warming
Greenhouse gases
Gun control Firearms--Law and legislation;
Gun control
Gun control
Hate groups/crimes Hate crimes Hate crimes
Hazardous waste disposal
  SEE ALSO Pollution
Hazardous waste Hazardous substances
Health care reform Health care reform; Health Insurance Health care reform
  SEE ALSO Ethnic cleansing
Holocaust, Jewish - 1939-1945 Holocaust denial
Homeless -- housing, health, programs, rights Homeless persons; Homelessness Homelessness
Home schooling Home schooling;
Education - Parent participation
Home schooling

Illegal aliens - work, laws, control

Alien labor; Illegal aliens; Human smuggling Illegal immigration;
Human smuggling

Immigration - policies, restriction

Emigration and immigration;

Immigration; Anti-Immigrant Movement
Infertility Fertility,Human; Infertility;
Fertilization, in vitro
Fertilization in vitro

Internet -- security, commercial use, censorship

Censorship; Internet; Internet and Children; Privacy, Right of Internet censorship
Iran-US Relations

United States - Foreign relations - Iran

Iran, Foreign relations, U.S. (See: U.S., Foreign relations, Iran)

Iraq War (2003) - causes, moral & ethical aspects, etc.

Iraq War, 2003- Iraq War
Islamic Fundamentalism Islamic Fundamentalism; Islam--21st Century Islamic Fundamentalism
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Israel--Ethnic relations; Palestinian Arabs--Israel Israel/Palestinian Conflict

Jobs -- locating, training, pay

Job hunting; Occupational training;
Vocational guidance; Wages
Job hunting

Juvenile delinquency

Juvenile delinquency; Juvenile corrections Juvenile delinquency

Legalization of drugs

Drug legalization; Marijuana -- Government policy - United States Marijuana legalization; Drug legalization

Male/female roles & stereotypes

SEE Sex roles

Mandatory sentences

Sentences criminal procedures Mandatory Sentences

Marijuana -- effects, medical use
   SEE ALSO Legalization of drugs

Marijuana Marijuana

Marriage -- choices, social aspects, in other cultures, of gays

Marriage; Marriage customs and rites; Mate selection; Same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage
Media bias Journalism -- Objectivity -- United States Media bias; Mass media
Medical care, Cost of Medical care, Cost of Medical care, Cost of
Militia Movements Militia movements--United States; Paramilitary forces Militia movements

NAFTA free trade agreement

North America--Economic integration

NAFTA (See: North American Free Trade Agreement)

National debt, balanced federal budget

Budget--United States; Government spending policy--United States Budget deficits, U.S.

Nature vs. nurture (genes vs. environmental influence)

Nature and nuture; Behaviorism; Behavior genetics Behaviorism (Psychology); Behavior genetics
North Korea Korea (North)--Foreign relations--United States North KoreaHuman rights, Korea (North)
Nuclear Power - risks, accidents, plants, etc.

Antinuclear movements; Nuclear power plant accidents; Nuclear engineering; Nuclear power plants

Nuclear energy
Nuclear weapons Nuclear weapons Nuclear weapons

Nutrition and disease

Nutrition; Nutrition disorders; Nutritionally induced diseases

Nutrition; Dietary supplements
Offshore Oil Drilling Petroleum in submerged lands; Offshore oil industry; oil spills Offshore oil industry

Organ transplants

Transplantation of organs Organ donation
Outsourcing Contracting out; Globalization -- Economic aspects -- Developing countries Outsourcing

Ozone depletion

Air pollution; Ozone layer depletion Ozone layer depletion
Parenting Parenting; Parent and child Parenting

Pesticides -- use, in foods, environmental effect

Pesticide residues in food; Presticides; Pesticides--Environmental aspects Pesticides


Cheating (Education); Plagiarism Cheating; Plagiarism

Police brutality

Police--complaints against Police brutality

Political campaigns -- financing, use of advertising and the media

Campaign funds; Political campaigns; Press and politics Political campaigns; Political campaigns, Law and legislation; Internet in political campaigns

Political interest groups, lobbyists

Lobbyists; Political action committees Political action committees; Campaign funds

Pollution -- air, water, etc.

Pollution; SEE ALSO specific kinds, such as Air Pollution or Hazardous Waste Pollution
Pornography Pornography Pornography
Poverty in the U.S. Income distribution--United States; United States--Economic conditions; Poverty--United States Poverty
Prayer in public schools Church and state; Prayer in the public schools School prayer
Prison reform Prison administration; Prisons--United States Prison reform

Privacy -- invasion of, right of

Privacy, Right of Privacy in schools; Privacy in the workforce; Privacy rights for teenagers; Privacy, Right of
Proposition 8 (same-sex marriage) Same sex marriage--Law and legislation--United States California. Constitution. 1st Article, Section 7.5
Proposition 13 (property tax) Real property tax--California; Tax and expenditure limitations California. Proposition 13 of 1978

Public assistance (welfare)

Public welfare; Public welfare administration; Welfare recipients Welfare;

Race relations

Race relations Race relations
Racial profiling Racial profiling in law enforcement; Discrimination in law enforcement--United States Racial profiling

Rain forests

Rain forest conservation; Rain forests Rain forests
Rape Acquaintance rape; Rape Rape; Statutory rape; Acquaintance rape
Recessions Recessions; Depressions Recessions
Recycling Recycling (wastes, etc.) Recycling
Refugees Refugees; Political refugees Refugee camps; Refugees; Refugees, political
Religion and politics Religion and politics; Religion and state Religion and politics
Rent control Housing policy; Rent control Rent control
Right to die Assisted suicide; Euthanasia; Right to die Assisted suicide
School discipline School discipline Student expression and school discipline; School discipline and corporal punishment
School reform Educational change Educational change; Educational change, Statistics; Educational change, Global impact
School violence School violence School violence; School shootings; School safety
School vouchers Educational vouchers School vouchers
Sentencing, mandatory Sentences criminal procedures Sentences (Criminal Procedure); Sentences (Criminal Procedure), Statistics; Sentencing Reform Act (1984)
Sex differences Sex differences; Sex differences (psychology) Sex differences; Sex factors in disease; Sex differences in education
Sex discrimination Sex discrimination; sex discrimination in employment Sex discrimination; Sex discrimination against men; Sex discrimination in education
Sex education Sex instruction Sex education (topic overview)
Sex role Sex role Sex role
Sexual behavior Sex; Sex (Psychology) Sexual ethics
Sexual harassment Sex discrimination: Sexual harassment Sexual harassment; Sexual harassment of men
Single parent families Single parent families; Single parents Single parents (topic overview)
Slavery Slavery Human trafficking (topic overview); Slavery
Smoking - health, second-hand Smoking; Passive Smoking Smoking (topic overview)
Social security system Social security; Social security
Solar power Solar energy; Solar power Solar energy (topic overview)
Stepchildren Stepchildren Stepchildren; Stepfamilies
Steroids Anabolic steroids Doping in sports (topic overview)
Suicide Assisted suicide; Suicide; Teenagers - Suicidal behavior Suicide (topic overview)
Tax reform Income tax Taxation (topic overview)
Teenage pregnancy Teenage pregnancy Teenage pregnancy (topc overview)
Television and children Television and children Television and children
Television violence Violence on television Violence in mass media (topic overview)
Terrorism Terrorism Terrorism (topc overview)
Textbooks - bias, censorship Censorship; Racism in textbooks Textbook bias
Three strikes law Mandatory sentences Mandatory sentences
Unemployment Unemployment Unemployment (topic overview)
Veteran's rights Veterans benefits Veterans, benefits
Victims of crimes Victims of crimes Victims of crimes
Violence in the United States Violence - United States Violent crimes
Water conservation, rationing Water conservation; Water reuse Water conservation
White supremecy groups White supremacy movements White supremacy movements
Wife abuse Wife abuse Conjugal violence
Wildlife conservation Endangered species; Wildlife conservation Wildlife conservation

Women's rights

Women's rights Women's rights (topic overview)
World hunger Hunger; Famines Famine (topic overview)
Working parents Children of working parents Children of working parents
Youth - behavior, attitudes Teenagers; Youth - United States Youth, Attitudes; Youth, Statistics
Youth - crime, problems  Gangs; Juvenile delinquency; School violence Youth, drug abuse

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