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The media collection includes audiocassettes, compact discs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and videotapes. The collection is for the use of campus faculty, staff and students. Students may not check out media items for home use, but may view them in the Media Lab. The programs in the media collection are circulated via the Library's Circulation Desk. The Media Lab itself is located adjacent to the Circulation Desk; it provides the equipment used by students to view/hear the library's non-print materials.

Programs are listed in the Online Catalog and in the printed Media Collection Subject Index, which lists programs by broad subject area (e.g. Anthropology). A copy of this index (updated annually) is in a binder on the Circulation Desk counter and is available online as a PDF file Media Subject List. You will need Acrobat Reader to view this document -- you can download it for free from Adobe.

Scheduling /Checking Out Programs

  • Faculty may schedule the use of specific programs in person, by telephone, or email. Email requests must allow at least 24-hours lead time. Look for a reply email containing confirmation (or regrets, if program is unavailable).
  • Schedule programs as far in advance as is practical to ensure availability. Last-minute requests may find the needed title reserved or already in use by another instructor.
  • When ordering, please provide program title, call number, date(s) needed, user name, & office or home phone number.
  • Faculty need to pick up and return media materials to the Media Lab.
  • Please do NOT send programs via campus mail. The instructor will be responsible for replacement cost if a program is lost in the campus mail. EVENING instructors may return programs via the Library's book return box, located just outside the library's main doors.
  • If a student needs to use a Media Lab program as part of a class presentation, the instructor of that class needs to contact the Circulation Desk staff to provide student's name and the date needed -- and to accept responsibility for the program (if the program is not returned, the instructor will be billed for its replacement).

Online Streaming Video

Media Services has a small (but growing!) selection of titles that come with 3 years of digital streaming rights (available via the web). The online versions may not be formatted in a size that would work well for the classroom, but are perfect for individual student viewing, whether for an assignment, an online class, research, or to see what was shown in a missed class.

TO VIEW these programs:

  1. Go to the Library’s Databases webpage. 
  2. Once there, scroll down to the link for FILMS ON DEMAND and click.
  3. If you are on-campus, you will go directly to the list of titles.
  4. If you are OFF-campus, you will be prompted to enter your last name and employee ID to authenticate that you are an employee/student at CCC.
  5. The list of films is alphabetical. You can view an entire program or by individual segments. You can also make a direct link to one of these programs (or a segment) by copying and pasting the complete URL shown below the viewing "screen."

Other Sources of Streaming Video:

There are lots of videos on the web. If you are going to use a video that you have found online, you need to keep the following requirements in mind:

  • Make sure that the program has closed captions for the hearing impaired. You should get in the habit of always turning captions on. It does not matter if you don't think you have a student who needs it; such students do not have to identify themselves to the instructor. Closed captions are also useful for English learners and anyone not familiar with specialized terminology that might be used.
    Some YouTube videos have captioning that you can turn on. Others can have live-time captioning turned on, with the captions disappearing once program is finished. These machine-captions are sometimes not the greatest, but are better than none.

    Other online video sources may provide subtitles or interactive transcripts, which, while not perfect, may fulfill a need.
  • Do not use Netflix programs in the classroom. Netflix films are specifically for home use. The films and shows that Netflix contains are licensed as such. Fair use in an educational setting does not apply. Copyright law - and the rights of the studios who make the products - is primary. 

Here are some suggested sources:

  • Khan Academy: Over 36,000 video and tutorials. Original focus was on math and science, but subject offerings are expanding.
  • NOVA Education: Short video clips and interactive features from NOVA program webpages. Browse by subject heading. 
  • PBS: Newer programs are sometimes available for online viewing for a limited time. There may also be a page of teaching activities, discussion questions, etc.
  • TED Talks: Online clearninghouse of speeches that offer knowledge and a glimpse of what's to come from the world's most inspiring speakers


Please do not expect to hold over a program beyond its scheduled use date. Returning media items on their due dates assures availability to students who may have missed class, and to other faculty members who may need to use the same program. If you need to extend your usage dates, please call the Media Lab to check that it is okay.

Faculty are responsible for the programs checked out to them. Please DO NOT LEAVE MEDIA ITEMS UNATTENDED in a classroom or your office. You will be billed for the replacement of materials damaged or lost through negligence

DVC or LMC Titles: The scheduling process is the same, except that items from the other colleges may not be available for scheduling as far ahead of time. Allow at least 2 days of travel time through the District mail service.

Preview & Purchase Suggestions

Faculty input is essential for good collection development. Please contact the Media Librarian if you have a particular need or suggestion. Keep in mind that any program costing over $100 must be previewed for purchase evaluation, and that the preview policies of most distributors do NOT permit the showing of preview copies in the classroom (so unless otherwise noted, previews must be viewed in the Media Lab). Many vendors now offer preview clips online.

Student Assignments in the Media Lab

Faculty may send students to the Media Lab to view/listen to specific titles as part of a class assignment. The Circulation Desk staff can provide each student with a verification slip as proof that he/she checked out a specific title. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Check that the required title(s) are available before making an assignment. 
  • Request a listing in the RESERVE NOTEBOOK if you know ahead of time that you will be making a specific assignment &/or will be using a many different programs throughout the semester. This listing can include instructions to obtain a verification slip, to match programs with text chapters, etc. Reserve items may be CCC-owned or personal copies of the instructor placed in the Media Lab temporarily.
  • Please allow 1-2 days for processing BEFORE sending students to the Media Lab.
  • Staff can assist students to locate materials and will show them how to use the equipment, but cannot presume to tell students what an instructor's assignment is, or how to do it. Such questions will be referred back to the instructor. Please make your students aware of this, to head off potential frustration.


A variety of equipment is available for use on campus; most (but not all) items are available for college-related use at off-campus sites.

Hours: Mon - Thurs  8:30am - 7:30pm
          Fri - Sun      Closed

Phone: 510-215-6008


Please let the media technician know what equipment you will need IN ADVANCE of the actual usage date. Whether for a class or a campus-wide function, some judicious pre-planning can make a world of difference in equipment availability.

  • Request equipment in person, by telephone, campus mail, or email.
  • Include complete information: your name, type and quantity of equipment to be used, class date and time, and class location.
  • Email requests must still allow 24-hours lead time. Look for a reply email containing confirmation (or regrets, if equipment unavailable) -- if you have not received a reply, call to confirm!
  • Orders received with less than 24-hours notice cannot be guaranteed.
  • Equipment will be delivered and picked up from the classroom, EXCEPT in the following situations:
    • Portable LCD projectors must be picked up & returned by the instructor.
    • Laptop computers must ALWAYS be picked up and returned by the instructor
    • Small items that are prone to theft (such as camcorders or boombox players) may require instructor pickup and return
    • Off-campus use equipment must be picked up and returned by the instructor. Some items are not available for off-campus use

Instructors are responsible for the equipment they use. Please DO NOT LEAVE EQUIPMENT UNATTENDED in a classroom or an unlocked office. You will be billed for the replacement of equipment damaged or lost through negligence.

If you are unable to wait for the technician, please return smaller items such as camcorders, audiocassette players, etc. to the Library's Circulation Desk, lock it in your office, or take it to the nearest division office -- and please leave a note or phone message so the technician will know where to retrieve it.

Individual instruction on equipment operation is available upon request. Group workshops are offered periodically during FLEX weeks.

Troubleshooting Equipment Problems
Here are some general tips for all equipment:

    • Are all components and/or necessary switches on? (the most common problem!)
      NO -- Turn them on.
      YES --  If still not working, go to next question.
    • Check the electrical plug -- is it plugged into the outlet securely?
      NO -- Fix it in outlet more securely. Request replacement plug if necessary.
      YES -- Try a different electrical outlet. If still won't work, go to next question. 
    • Are the cables and connections between all components present and securely fastened?
      NO -- Tighten connections; request replacement of any missing cables. NOTE: If you are using your own laptop and your connecting cable does not have screws to help maintain tightness, you may need to get a longer connector cable (or not move your laptop so much).
      YES -- Call Media Services for help. 
    • If in a smart classroom:
      • Make sure the red toggle switch is on, too. 
      • Check to see if someone has turned the power off on the LCD unit itself -- something that users should NEVER do as it cuts off the cool-down fan, too). If this has happened, may need to call for a step-stool (do not stand on a desk).
    • Is a lamp (bulb) burned out?
      NO -- Call media technician for replacement. 
      YES -- Get replacement lamp. 

      NOTES ABOUT CHANGING LAMPS: Do not try to change a HOT overhead projector lamp. Do not ever touch even a cold lamp with your fingers (finger smudges burn hot spots) -- use a tissue or cloth.

For troubleshooting SPECIFIC types of equipment -- or to report that equipment is not working (but call if an emergency), go to the Media Services wiki, which is open to CCC employees only. NOTE: First-time vistors to the wiki will need to click on the Request Access button; once access is approved, an email will arrive from PBworks with a link and directions for setting up your user account.  

Live Videotaping
Media technicians can, upon arrangement, tape live classes, activities and lectures. Please give at least a week's notice. If taping is outside a technician's routine working hours, the overtime must be paid by the requesting department.

Tape Duplication
The media technicians can copy video and audio programs under certain conditions:

  • All duplication will follow federal copyright law. In some cases, duplication of material may be allowed, but Media staff will not duplicate without specific, WRITTEN permission from the copyright owner. The purchase of a commercially-produced program authorizes the USE of that particular copy; it does not routinely include permission to make additional copies.

    Obtaining permission to duplicate is the responsibility of the requestor. If you need assistance in identifying the copyright owner and/or a vendor address, please contact the Media Librarian.
  • All duplications are subject to charges for blank tapes and for the dubbing process.
  • Please allow for a turnaround time of 5 - 7 working days.


Contact the Media Librarian for questions regarding media services or staff, the media collection, copyright regulations, purchase requests, and/or for consultation on the best ways to meet classroom audiovisual needs.

Ellen Geringer
Phone: 510-215-4999


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