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Contra Costa Educational Television (CCETV)
Watching Video Programs - General Information

General Info & Episode Broadcasts by Series
Fall 2012 Schedule (printable pdf)

There are several ways to access the video programs for your telecourse as described below. Information about your specific telecourse is described on the Episode Broadcasts by Series page. Please note: For programs broadcast in three-hour blocks, please remember to set your VCR to the extended play (EP) mode.

  1. Cable Television for station CCETV:
    • Comcast - All telecourses are available on cable station CCETV (The Contra Costa Educational Television Network) on the Comcast cable system in Contra Costa County, Berkeley and Albany. The cable channel to watch depends on where you live:
      In Western Contra Costa County - Cable Channel 24
                  (NOTE: this is a change for some cities) 
      In Central and Eastern Contra Costa County - Cable Channel 32
    • AT&T - CCETV can be found on Channel 99 on the AT&T U-verse system as one of the county's Government, Education and Public Access channels.
      Please noteSome classes have sections that go for the full semester and some classes have sections that only go for half the semester. Programs are played in one-hour blocks for the former and three-hour blocks for the latter. Be sure you choose the proper block to watch or you will miss some programs.
  2. Where is CCETV not available: Unfortunately, CCETC is not available on regular broadcast television or on the Astound cable system, on DirecTV or the Dish network.
  3. Checking Tapes out from the Library: 
    Students who are enrolled in a telecourse and have a student ID may checkout videotapes from the Reserve Collection at the Circulation Desk of the Library. Normally there are either 4 half-hour programs or 2 one-hour programs per tape. Videos are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved. If all copies of the tape you need are checked out, there will be a copy that you can view in the library’s Media Lab. If you have questions, please contact the Circulation Desk at 510-235-7800, ext. 4318.
  4. In-Library Viewing:
    The telecourse programs are also available for viewing in the library’s Media Lab. If you have any questions, please contact the Media Lab, at 510-235-7800, ext. 4443. 
  5. Online Viewing:
    Most telecourses are available online as streaming videos. You can watch the programs if you have high speed Internet (DSL, cable, or T1). For videos offered online, information about accessing or renting them is at bottom of the sheet for each class.


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