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 Contra Costa College

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Welcome to the Contra Costa College Assessment Center
The CCC Assessment Center offers assessment tests, which are used to determine a student's placement in ESL, English, and Math.  The purpose of the assessment is to help you enroll in the courses most appropriate for you.
In order to complete the assessment test you must have each of the following:
  1. A Contra Costa College application on file with the Admissions and Records Office.
  2. Your CCC student ID number.
  3. You must show a valid photo ID (e.g. Driver's License, High School ID, Passport, etc) to take the test.

Tests will not be processed without the above information.

There is no fee for the assessment. 

COMPASS is also the test CCC uses for  Ability-to-Benefit (ATB). Students who were enrolled in any federal student aid eligible program on or before June 30, 2012 may continue to use the ATB test results for Financial Aid purposes. If the student does not posses a High School diploma or GED but wish to qualify for financial aid must earn a passing score- as set by the US Department of Education- on all sections of the ATB tests, in one setting. Refer to the ATB (Ability to Benfit) tab on the left for more information. Alternate formats are available for DSPS Students.

To make sure that you are prepared for your assessment click on the tab(s) to the left for the assessments you plan to take or contact us for more information.

2600 Mission Bell Drive, San Pablo, CA. 94806
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April 2014

Assessment Schedule


April 1st - 4th and 14th - 30th

Monday - 5 pm

Tuesday - 9 am

Wednesday - 1 and 5 pm


April 7th - 11th  

Monday and Tuesday - 5 pm