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2009 – 2010

  1. Water well project began November 30th with a hole being dug 400’ deep. 2nd phase is to install the pump & reserve tanks sometime in 2010. 
  2. Bio-diesel project has successfully produced several batches of usable fuel.
  3. Organized a tour of Merced College to observe their co-generation system November 9th.
  4. Sponsored a guest speaker from Chevron to speak on the future of solar panels September 11th
  5. Utilized $2,000 for Green Custodial Supplies
  6. Utilized $2,195 to install motion sensors for classrooms throughout the campus.
  7. Utilized $300.62 for the Middle College Earth Day celebration April 17
  8. Utilized $3,000 to upgrade & improve the Composting/Organic Garden managed by Three Seasons.
  9. Obtained $3,000 to replace CRT’s that are not energy efficient.
  10. Obtained $4,000 to reduce grass areas on Mission Bell to help save water, labor & fertilizers to upkeep the area.
  11. Recommended & approved by the Operational Council the HVAC start-up schedule on buildings throughout the campus. The schedule was adjusted to start from 7:00AM instead of the old time 6:00AM. This saves an hour each day for all the buildings on campus.
  12. Recommended & approved by President McKinley to adjust the temperature of the pool from 81 degrees to 80 degrees.
  13. Mike Fernandez organized a team of students to enter the Shell Eco-Challenge Race. As of Unity Day in April he had 10 students signed up. $2,000 was obtained from the District to help fund the project.
  14. Joe Ledbetter recommended a District wide energy saving contest which was approved & scheduled to start July 1.
  15. Committee members are active members with the Community Garden Project which will partner with organizations from Richmond & San Pablo.
  16. Helped fund & assist Automotive Technology in becoming a certified Green department. They are the only auto body department in the country certified green. They are also the only department in the District that is certified green.
  17. Recommended & approved by the Operational Council that all new construction on campus will not be LEED’s certified, but will use their standards in principal. This will save a minimum of $170,000 in cost on the Master Plan construction.

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