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Contra Costa College History
The social movements of the 1960’s brought changes to the college. Students wanted courses and activities that were more relevant to their lives. Campus speakers during this era included Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Benjamin Spock, and activists such as Stokely Carmichael, Eldridge Cleaver, and Dick Gregory. In 1967, the college offered its first African American Studies course. Courses in Asian Studies, Chicano Studies, & Native American Studies soon followed.

Open dialogue between students and college administrators helped CCC avoid the more turbulent protests that occurred at other college campuses. Perhaps coincidentally, CCC was chosen as a location shoot for a film about the student protests. In 1969, director Michaelangelo Antonioni shot portions of his film Zabriskie Point at CCC (mostly in the Library), using approximately 100 students as extras.

shooting a film scene

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Text/photographs courtesy of the College Archives, THE ADVOCATE, and the Graphics Department.
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